EMD Series Integration Type Multi-Turn Electric Actuator

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A multi-turn electric actuator is a type of actuator that can rotate beyond 360 degrees. The EMD series of multi-turn electric actuators are specifically designed for use with multi-turn or linear motor valves, such as gate valves, globe valves, and control valves. Additionally, when paired with a 90-degree worm gearbox, they can also be used to operate quarter turn valves, including butterfly valves, ball valves, and plug valves. The FLOWINN EMD series of multi-turn electric actuators offers a range of solutions, from conventional standard models suitable for basic industrial applications, to intelligent models that provide advanced configuration settings and feedback for a variety of valve applications.

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Warranty: 2 years
Motor Prptection: An F-class insulated motor is equipped with two temperature sensors to prevent overheating. (Class H motor can be customized)
Anti Moisture Protection: It also has a standard anti-moisture feature to protect internal electronics from condensation.
Absolute Encoder: The motor features a 24-bit absolute encoder that can accurately record up to 1024 positions, even in the event of a power loss. Available in both integration and intelligent types.
High Strength Worm Gear and Worm Shaft: The motor also boasts a high-strength alloy worm shaft and gear for increased durability. The meshing between the worm shaft and gear has been carefully examined to ensure maximum efficiency.
High RPM output: The motor's high RPM makes it ideal for use with large diameter valves.
Non-Intrusive set up: The integration and intelligent types can be remotely controlled and come with an LCD display and local control buttons/knobs for easy access. Valve position can be set without the need to manually open the actuator.
Performance Processor: The intelligent type utilizes a high-performance microprocessor, allowing for efficient and reliable monitoring of valve position, torque, and operational status.

Standard Specification

Material of Actuator Body

Aluminum Alloy

Control Mode

On-off Type & Modulating Type

Torque Range

100-900 N.m Direct Output


18-144 rpm

Applicable Voltage

AC380V AC220V AC/DC 24V

Ambient Temperature

-30°C…..70 °C

Anti-vibration Level


Noise Level

Less than 75 dB within 1m

Ingress Protection

IP67, Optional , IP68( Maximum 7m;Max 72 hours)

Connection Size


Motor Specifications

Class F, with thermal protector up to +135°C(+275°F)

Working System

On-off Type, S2-15 min, no more than 600 times per hour start;

Modulating Type

S4-25%, no more than 600 times per hour start

Input Signal

On/offtype,AC110/220V(optional);opticalsignal isolation

Modulating type

Input signal,4-20mA;0-10V; 2-10V;

Input impedance


Feedback Signal


Modulating type


Input signal

0-10V; 2-10V;

Output impedance

≤750Ω(4-20mA) Repeatability,and,linearity,within ±1% of full valve stroke.

Position Display

LCD screen display / Position percentage display



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