EOH10 Series Intelligent Type Quarter Turn Electric Actuator

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The electric actuator of FLOWINN is mainly divided into angular stroke electric actuator, multi-rotary electric actuator and direct stroke electric actuator. EOH series electric actuator is a kind of angular travel electric actuator with clutch handle. It uses the patented front worm gear to design the flashlight switching device to eliminate the handwheel heel rotation. EOH series adopts lightweight and high torque output, and can output torque range of 35-5000N.m. The control types are mainly divided into switch type and regulator type. EOH series angular travel electric actuator is mainly used to drive and control the opening of angular travel valves, such as ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves and other similar valve applications.

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Warranty: 2 years
Long Life: 20000 times valve duty cycle life
Safe Design: Clutch system: Patented manual override design, prevents motorized hand wheel rotation.
Limit Function: Integrated circuit board+ double CAM design
Operational Safety: Class H motor
Indicator:  3D indicator is used to provide a full 360-degree view of travel changes,
Reliable Sealing: Long - lasting seal ring design, in line with IP67 waterproof rating
Manual Override: Patented worm gear clutch design to prevent motorized hand wheel rotation.
Worm gear and worm: Two- stage Archimedes worm gear with higher bearing than helical gear design. Provides better loading and force efficiency.
Packaging: Product packaging with pearl cotton, accord with ISO2248 drop test.

Standard Specification

Torque 100N.m
Ingress Protection IP67; Optional: IP68
Working Time On/off type: S2-15min; Modulating type: S4-50%
Applicable Voltage 1 phase: AC110V/AC220V±10%; 3 phase: AC380V±10%; AC/DC 24V
Ambient Temperature -25°-60°
Relative Humidity ≤90%(25°C)
Motor Specifications Class H
Output Connect ISO5211
Position Indicator 3D open indicator
Protection Function Torque protection; Motor overheat protection;Jammed valve protection; broken signal protection;Instantaceous; Heat protection;Open phase protection( 3 phase only); Phase correction( 3 phase only); Non-invasive protection; Data records; Password Protection; Heat protection
Feedback signal 1 group of comprehensive fault points; 5 groups of configurable contacts; Extended configurable relay feedback contacts
Control Signal Switching control; Analog control; Modbus; Profibus
Cable Interface 2*NPT3/4"; 1*NPT1"

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