EOM2-9 Series Basic Type Quarter Turn Electric Actuator

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With its multistage reduction gear, worm gear, and other mechanisms, the EOM series electric actuator generates a robust rotational force that rotates valve devices 90° through the output shaft. It drives and controls the angle travel valve opening of butterfly, ball, and plug valves, among other valve-like applications. The EOM integral type boasts a torque range of 10-20000N.m and is both durable and reliable, with stable stroke and no clutch operation, significantly enhancing transfer efficiency.

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Warranty: 2 years
Overload Protection: If the valve becomes jammed, the power will automatically shut off to prevent any additional damage to the valve and actuator.
Operational Safety: The motor's winding features a temperature control switch that detects the motor's temperature to protect against overheating and ensure safe operation of the F-grade insulation motor.
Voltage Protection: The design includes protection against voltage fluctuations, including both high and low levels.
Applicable valve: Ball Valve; Butterfly Valve
Anti-corrosion Protection: The epoxy resin enclosure is designed to meet NEMA 4X standards and can be painted with a customer-specific color.
Ingress Protection: IP67 is standard, Optional: IP68( Maximum 7m; Max: 72 hours)
Fireproofing Grade: In a range of situations, a high-temperature enclosure that provides fire protection and meets requirements.

Standard Specification

Material of Actuator Body Aluminum Alloy
Control Mode Swtich Type
Torque Range 100-2300N.m
Running Time 19-47s
Applicable Voltage 1 phase:AC/DC24V / AC110V / AC220V / AC230V /AC240V

3 phase:AC220V-550V


Ambient Temperature  -25°C…..70 °C; Optional: -40°C…..60 °C
Anti-vibration Level JB/T8219
Noise Level Less than 75 dB within 1m
Ingress Protection IP67, Optional: IP68( Maximum 7m; Max: 72 hours)
Connection Size ISO5211
Motor Specifications Grade F, with thermal protector up to +135°C(+275°F); Optional : Grade H
Working System Switch Type: S2-15 min, no more than 600 times per hour start Optional:  1200 times per hour

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