EOM2-9 Series Super Inelligent Type Quarter Turn Electric Actuator

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The EOM series of super intelligent angular stroke electric actuators is equipped with a new designed UI interface and a dedicated remote control. It can realize a variety of functions of electric actuator remotely. No through shaft magnetic switch design, through the use of the actuator’s internal hall switch to control, with near/remote control/disable knob, and on/off/stop button (knob), with the indicator light and LCD screen to achieve non-intrusive field control operation.

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Warranty: 2 years
User interaction interface:The professional remote control can operate the actuator through the LCD operating interface to achieve a variety of functions and configuration operations of the actuator. The LCD interface supports multiple languages.

High performance microprocessor:The super intelligent electric actuator uses a high-performance microprocessor, which can collect the valve position, torque and other operation information in real time, and carry out logical calculation, truly reflect the running state of the actuator, real-time monitoring and management data, and provide reference for the maintenance of the actuator.

Moisture-proof heater:In order to prevent condensation from returning the parts of the electric actuator, a heater is installed inside the actuator.

Password protection:The super intelligent electric actuator has hierarchical password protection function, which gives different authorization for different operators to avoid the fault of the actuator caused by misoperation

Patent design:EOM series electric actuator adopts planetary gear patent design to achieve a combination of manual and electric control, no clutch design, to ensure the safety of field staff.

Sprocket Operation: Based on the features of operating manually and electrically without clutch mechanism., sprocket operation is more convenient to operate the valve at higher positions.

Standard Specification

Material of Actuator Body Aluminum Alloy
Control Mode On-off Type & Modulating Type
Torque Range 100-20000N.m
Running Time 19-155s
Applicable Voltage 1 phase: AC/DC24V / AC110V / AC220V / AC230V /AC240V
3 phase: AC208-480V
Ambient Temperature  -25°C…..70 °C; Optional: -40°C…..60 °C
Anti-vibration Level JB/T8219
Noise Level Less than 75 dB within 1m
Ingress Protection IP67 optional: IP68 ( Maximum 7m;Max:72 hours)
Connection Size ISO5211
Bus Modbus
Motor Specifications Class F, with thermal protector up to +135°C(+275°F); Optional : Class H
Working System On-off Type: S2-15 min, no more than 600 times per hour start Modulating Type: S4-50% up to 600 times per hour start; Optional:  1200times and 1800times per hour
On/off Type Signal Input Signal: 20-60V AC/DC  Optional: 60-120 V AC
Optoelectronic isolation
Signal Feedback: Relay X5:
1. On/off in place
2. On/off over  torque
3. Local/remote
4. Center position
5. Multiple malfuntions to choose Optional: 4-20mA to send
Malfunction Feedback: Phase correction; Torque switch; Heat protection; Jammed valve protection; Broken signal protection; Instantaceous; Other alarms reverse protection
Modulating Type Signal Input Signal: 4-20mA; 0-10V; 2-10V
Accuracy: 1.5%
Input impedance: 75Ω(4-20mA)
Ouput singal: 4-20mA
Output impedance: ≤750Ω(4-20mA)
Signal Reverse: Support
Loss Signal Mode Setting: Support
Dead Zone: 0-25.5% adjustable rate within full stroke
Indication LCD screen opening the cover
Other Function 1. Phase correction(3-phase power supply only)
2. Alarm signal (local and remote included)
3. Torque protection
4. Motor overheat protection
5. Moisture- resistant heaters(anti-moisture device)
6. Infraed remote control

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