EOT10 basic type compact quarter turn small electric actuator

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EOT series compact quarter-turn electric actuator is the motor through the rotary force of multi-stage reduction gear, worm gear and other mechanisms and finally through the output shaft, in the form of rotation 90°to switch the valve device, mainly to drive and control the valve opening , such as butteryfly valve, ball valve ,plug valve and other similar valve application. The output torque range is 50-2500N.m, and the control mode is mainly divided into two types:on/off type and modulating type.
The product housing use die-cast aluminum alloy , multistage reduction gear, copper alloy worm wheel and high strength alloy worm transmission structure. Actuator output clearance is small, stroke repetition deviation within ±1°, high control accuracy, for buildings and civil construction and other industries to provide quality solutions.

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Warranty: 2 years
Limit Function: Adopt double CAM, convenient travel position setting.
Process Control: The actuator adopts QR code tracing to strictly control product quality.
Appearance design: Patented streamlined design, small size, light weight, suitable for small space applications.
Operational Safety: Class F insulation motor winding has a temperature of the motor switch to sense the temperatrue of the motor to protect the overheating issues, thus ensures the operational safety of the motor.
Anti-Corrosion resistance: The housing is coated with anti-corrosion epoxy powerder coating, which has strong adhesion and corrosion resistance. All fasteners are stainless steel for outdoor applications.
Indicator: Use plane pointer and scale to show the valve opening, take uo little space.
Wiring Simple: Plug-in terminal for easy connection
Reliable Sealing: Adopt long-acting sealing ring design, effectively ensure water-proof grade.
Moisture Resistance: Installed with heater inside the actuator to prevent condensation and extend the life of the actuator.
Manual Operation: After the power is cut off, open the rubber cover and insert the matching Z-wrench to open and close the valve manually.
Connecting Flange: The bottom connection holes are in accordance with ISO5211 standard, also with double flanges and octagon drive sleeve, The installation angle can be changed flexibly to connect the valve flange with different hole position and angle.
Packaging: Product packaging with pearl cotton, accord with ISO2248 drop test.

Standard Specification

Torque 100N.m
Ingress Protection IP67; Optional: IP68
Working Time On/off type: S2-15min; Modulating type: S4-50%
Applicable Voltage AC110/AC220V Optional: AC/DC24V, AC380V
Ambient Temperature -25°-60°
Relative Humidity ≤90%(25°C)
Motor Specifications Class F, with thermal protector
Output Connect ISO5211 direct connection, star bore
Modulating Functional Configuration Support loss signal mode, signal reversal selection function
Manual Device Wrench operation
Position Indicator Flat Pointer Indicator
Input Signal On/off type: On/off signal; Modulating type: Standard 4-20mA (input impedance: 150Ω); Optional:0-10V; 2-10V; Optoelectronic isolation
Output Signal On/off type: 2- dry contact and 2-wet contact; Modulating type: Standard 4-20mA (output impedance: ≤750Ω). Optional: 0-10V; 2-10V; Optoelectronic isolation
Cable Interface On/off type: 1*PG13.5; Modulating type: 2*PG13.5
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